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Life Coaching in Nature Bangor Northern Ireland


Take your life back into your own hands

Coaching Sessions & Packages: Packages & Rates

Full Coaching Programme

Whether you choose to go with the Personal Development Programme or the Well-Being Programme, I recommend 6 sessions. At the end of your 6 sessions, you should feel empowered and equipped to confidently face the challenges that are in your way. Some clients choose to do these sessions weekly whilst others choose bi-weekly. Your coaching should of course fit easily into your life and around your other commitments, so we can work out a schedule that best suits you. This full coaching programme will help you make progress in your life, reach your full potential, and attain greater fulfilment.

Taster Coaching Programme

The Taster Coaching Programme is perfect for those of you who aren't sure whether you can fully commit to 6 sessions, those of you with an extremely busy schedule, or those of you who would feel happier trying out the sessions before taking on the full programme. Once you see the benefit you receive from these sessions, you can certainly go ahead with the full programme or opt for a top-up session. This is also a great option for those of you who wish to take part in my events or group coaching, but also want a focus on your own Personal Development and Well-Being.

Pay As You Go Coaching Sessions

Pay As You Go can be used by anyone who would be happier to pay per session, or by those of you who feel you would benefit from a top-up session. Top-up sessions are great for those of you who have taken part in a programme and feel that after some time, another session would be beneficial, or maybe you have completed a programme and think one last session would be useful. This can be arranged and organised in a way to suit your specific needs. After all, your Life Coaching Programme is tailored for you and that includes the number of sessions you would like.

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