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Life Coaching in Nature Bangor Northern Ireland


Explore what you really want out of your life, and make your future better explore well-being coaching with me.

So what is well-being?

The dictionary meaning of well-being is "a good or satisfactory condition of existence; characterised by health, happiness, and prosperity."

Well-being takes into account the entire person, both body and mind, and involves the act of practising healthy daily habits to attain better physical and mental health. 

Do you feel like you need to increase your motivation? Maybe you need to learn better stress-management techniques? Or do you need to prioritise self-care? Maybe you need to improve your relationship with yourself? Or potentially create a better work-life balance? Do you want to reduce overwhelm? Or maybe you just want to increase the positivity in your life?

If any of this resonates with you, Well-being Coaching can help you.

When considering Well-being, we will look at what values you have and what is truly important to you. Every person is different but many people want to live a life with purpose and feel like their life has meaning. If you are not yet sure what your purpose is, we will look at where your energy is best placed. I can help you discover your true self.

A big lifestyle factor that can have a huge impact on your life is how you spend your free time. This is something we will focus on. You need to be able to recharge and spend this time in a way that you truly enjoy. Personally, I find nature to be extremely therapeutic and so I will recommend ways of using nature to destress, clear your mind and enjoy yourself. While I understand this may not be for everyone, it may help you in ways you would not have previously thought. Scientific research has shown that nature positively impacts our well-being, so it is worth a try. If you are passionate about being outdoors and being in nature, or simply want to try something new to help your mindset, we can meet for a walk along the coast in Bangor or wherever you would prefer.

Get in touch for your FREE introductory session. This session allows you to ask any questions you wish to ask and for us to get to know each other before the real work begins. 

There are so many lifestyle factors that can affect your life, but I feel that starting with your home, well-being and how you spend your spare time, is extremely important. You may feel that you have no issue when it comes to these factors, and it is something else that affects you. Whatever it may be, I am here to guide you in the right direction. You can find more information about my Personal Development Life Coaching and Confidence Coaching if they are the area you feel you need more improvement.
I am based in Bangor, Northern Ireland and you can visit me at my home, or I can meet you for a walk, or even at your home if you would prefer. I am also available for virtual life coaching sessions if this suits you better. Simply get in touch and we can discuss further.

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